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[National Education Ministerial Regulation No. 28, 2005 on National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi), Article 1 and Article 2].

Akreditasi Akademi Pariwisata Ars Internasional

Monday, September 20, 2010


Of the many universities in Bandung is, perhaps not many know that one of them has been capable of acting globally the University ARS International which has a magnificent campus on a land of two hectares at the International Street, Antapani area, Bandung.

Although relatively young in age, but according to the background since the beginning of establishment of internationally oriented, college is a development of ARS International School, has managed to print its graduates who not only compete in the domestic job market, but also in the global job market.

That can be seen from many graduates who have worked in government and various private national and foreign companies both in and outside the country.

Some users of these overseas Star Cruise, cruise ship companies of Malaysia and a few hotels in the United Kingdom have requested and use the graduates of the International ARS. "Up until now, has 200 workers ARS International hospitality graduates working abroad," said Marketing Director International ARS Dr H Purwadhi MPD.

According Purwadhi, until this demand in the UK hotels and cruises Malaysia still continues. In 1999, ARS has also been designated by International Manpower to train and send 350 people to a variety of professional labor cruises abroad. While the job market for graduates of nursing personnel ARS International University Faculty of Nursing was waiting in Malaysia and the Middle East.

Seeing the achievements that are quite encouraging and supporting facilities completeness of lectures ranging from the majestic campus and laboratories as well as other public facilities is not wrong if present future students from various regions in Indonesia International ARS enter Higher Education as one of the main alternatives.

"We will strive to make ARS International University as a center of excellence of global education, at least at the ASEAN level," says ARS International University Rector, Prof. Dr. HM Achman Sha told AFP, after inaugurating eight structural college officials led, Friday (7 / 4) last week.

Three Institutions

ARS International University was founded by Graha Hope Generation Foundation (YGHG) in 1997 to prepare the HR (human resources) that can compete globally in accordance with the demands of a new round of free trade era. As a large country with abundant opportunities, no matter how Indonesia will be one long-term investment goals.

Therefore, to prepare human resources to be able to face competition, YGHG pioneered the opening of college-level schools which use the concept of open markets that require international standards on all fronts.

ARS is not an abbreviation but the name sounds pronunciation of R's in English, which was an idiom of the United States for the threes R's.

While The Three R's, or 3 (three) R has the meaning of the three basic skills in the field of education that is read (reading), writing (writing) and numeracy (arithmetics). It also shows a desire on the part foundation to prepare graduates who have high skills in education.

While the word "International" symbolizes the desire to enable the students not only citizens of Indonesia, but also any other citizen. In addition, the international word also implies that its graduates will be able to compete and international job market in this era of globalization.

In a subsequent trip, in 2000 ARS International School was developed into Higher Education International ARS that has three institutions namely University, Graduate School of Management of Tourism (STMP) and the Academy of Tourism (AKPAR) ARS International. University college as a whole held a professional training programs in the short term and long-term educational programs through diploma level (DI, DIII), S1 and postgraduate (S2) in the various sciences and skills.

ARS International University is the development and incorporation of several higher education institutions in ARS which is composed of Scholl International Banking Accounting Academy (AAP) ARS International, Academy of Psychology and Management (ASM) ARS Informartika International and the Academy of Management and Computers (AMIK) International ARS with the School of Economics (STIE) "Indonesian Gold".

The University now has 5 faculties namely Faculty of Economics (4 courses), Communication (two courses), engineering (5 course). Faculty of science in nursing (FIKA) and the faculty of art and design (second course).

ARS SMTP International tourism management majors (S1), hospitality management (S1) and tourism academy (AKPAR) International ARS with hospitality majors (DI, D III) and business tourism (DIII), which had been established previously, both of this institution was first established in 1995. While the graduate program which was held at the University ARS International is a masters course in Management (S2). (LM Sinaga).


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 04 D-III Akad. Pariwisata "ARS" Internasional Bandung Manajemen Perhotelan 013 2007 B 2012-11-09

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