In accordance with the existing acts and regulations, the main functions of BAN-PT is basically to assist and support the Minister of National Education in assessing the quality of Higher Education, including public and private universities, institutes, colleges, academies, polytechnics, religion-based, and government service higher education institutions. BAN-PT is a non-structural, non-profit, and independent agency under the National Education Minister.

[National Education Ministerial Regulation No. 28, 2005 on National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education (Badan Akreditasi Nasional Perguruan Tinggi), Article 1 and Article 2].

Akreditasi Universitas Widyatama

Monday, September 20, 2010


Greeting from Rector

Widyatama University is an institution of higher education as a whole represents the ideals and long term goals Widyatama Foundation in realizing the educational mission outlined and born of the idealism of the founders of the Foundation of Accounting Education since the beginning of 1973.

Travel will eventually produce four establishment High School Ministry of National Education Decree No. 137/D/0/2001 dated August 2, 2001, was transformed into Widyatama University with five faculties.

The challenge facing higher education is not only limited to the above responsibilities. Constantly changing environment marked by the characteristics of jobs that require workers with the skills and competence as well as globally oriented, clearly requires an increase qualified human resources who have the creativity and courage in making the renewal (innovation).

Further, the University Widyatama is one element of improving the quality of Indonesian human resources through education, which in turn is expected and intended to form a comprehensive and continuous quality improvement to the nation.

Hopefully, given the trust of parents of students, community and employment will lead to the achievement of our shared objectives, namely quality of Indonesian human with high character and morals.
Rector of the Widyatama University

Dr. H. Mame S. Sutoko, Ir., DEA.


No.RegionLevelCollegeProgrammeDecrees No.Years DecreeRankExpired
1 04 S1 Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Teknik Informatika 004 2006 B 2011-06-01
2 04 D-III Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Bahasa Jepang 017 2006 B 2011-12-30
3 04 S2 Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Manajemen 007 2006 B 2011-08-10
4 04 S1 Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Manajemen 010 2007 A 2012-05-19
5 04 S1 Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Bahasa Inggris 003 2007 B 2012-02-10
6 04 S1 Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Sistem Informasi 017 2007 C 2012-08-11
7 04 D-III Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Akuntansi 017 2008 B 2013-10-10
8 04 S1 Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Akuntansi 014 2009 B 2014-06-12
9 04 D-IV Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Desain Grafis 006 2009 B 2014-01-10
10 04 D-III Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Manajemen 026 2009 C 2014-02-20
11 04 S1 Univ. Widyatama, Bandung Teknik Industri 045 2010 B 2015-02-05

University History

University Widyatama stand on August 2, 2001, based on the Decree No minister of National Education. 137/D/0/2001. This is a combination Widyatama University High School of Economic Sciences, Bandung (STIEB), School of Languages, Bandung (STIBB), High School of Technology Widyatama (STTBW), School of Visual Communication Design (STDKV) and Master of Management. Surviving high school-high school into the University Widyatama to graduates-graduates may be more graduates who have high competitiveness. Step-up by the University Widyatama is serious and consistent efforts to create a system of educational services with the standard ISO-9001: 2008.

Organizational Structure

Leadership University

* Rector : Dr. H. Mame S. Soetoko, Ir., DEA
* Assistant Rector of Planning and Development : Prof. Dr. H. Maman Kusman, MBA
* Assistant Rector of Operations :
* International Office Coordinator : Dr. Petrina Faustine, S.E.,M.M,
* Teaching Learning Centre Coordinator :
* Head of Quality Control Center Widyatama : Tanti Irawati, S.E., M.M
* Facilities Bureau Chief : Edi Budianto, S.T
* Personnel and Finance Bureau Chief : Hartojo, Drs.
* Head of Academic Administration : H. Agoestiana Boediprasetya, S.E., M.T
* Bureau of Student Affairs Head : Paulus Sugianto Yusuf, S.E.
* Head of PR and Marketing Division : Fitrah Rumaisa.S.T.
* Head of IT : Hafizh Tulus Mancayo, B.Sc.
* Head of Planning and Development : Rienna Oktarina, S.T, M.T.

University Senate

* Dr. Mame S. Sutoko, Ir. DEA
* Prof. Dr. Maman Kusman, S.E., MBA
* Prof. Dr. Hj. Koesbandijah A K., MS, Ak.
* Prof. Dr. H. Sutaryo Salim
* Prof. Dr. H. Surrachman S, S.E.
* Prof. Dr. Hiro Tugiman, Ak., QIA
* Prof. Dr. H. Matias Aroef, MSIE., IPM
* Prof. Dr. Partini Sardjono
* Prof. Dr. H. Moh. Zain, S.E., Ak.
* Prof. Dr. H. P. Tabrani
* Marcus Kasirin, S.E., M.M.
* H. Supriyanto Ilyas, S.E., M.Si.
* Setiadi Yazid, Ir., M.Sc., Ph.D.
* Agus Edi Sudiarto, Ir., M.Sc.
* Sri Astuti, S.E., M.A.
* Sasmi Farida, Dra., M.Sc.
* Indarsjah Tirtawidjaja, Drs.
* Rudi Farid, Drs.

Policies, Goals, Commitment to Quality
Quality Policy

Always strives to produce graduates who are professionals who have the advantage and competitiveness in the Business & Commerce, which was built in the Campus Friendly atmosphere, and always develop themselves within the global community.
Quality Goals

* At least 75% of the students can graduate on time (<9 semester for D4/S1 and <7 semesters for D3) with satisfactory progress (2.75).
* At least 75% of graduates has a value of at least 450 English Proficiency Test.
* At least 75% graduates to master computer applications in accordance with good field.

Quality Commitment

Widyatama University is a private college-oriented quality. We always strive to produce graduates who have the advantage and competitiveness and ready to thrive in a global society. Satisfy customers, namely students is our goal. Our Commitment:

* Receive a potential candidate
* Encourage active and creative students
* Provide adequate teaching and learning facilities and administrative services that satisfy customers
* Entered into cooperation with external parties
* Choosing a dedicated faculty and outstanding
* Presents a dynamic curriculum based on industry developments and technologies
* Excellent customer satisfaction.

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